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Join us for a time of fun, laughter, and new friends.

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Photo: Under the tree
Under the Story Tree

Photo: two girls in the woods
We make a village in the woods

Photo: outside the conference house on lawn
One of the morning workshop choices.

“Thank you for creating such an amazing camp. There is no other place quite like it.”
– A parent

"I think you help the whole Pioneer Valley by holding this camp."
A grandmother

Welcome New Campers

Here's a description of our camp and what we do to help first year campers feel welcome.

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Journey Camp is led by a national pioneer in peace education. It is a treasured place for young people who want time to make their own choices, enjoy making new friends where everyone is valued, like the support of teen leaders, and really enjoy playing in the woods.

Parents tell us how glad they are that we specialize in making it safe and comfortable to come to camp without knowing anyone ahead of time. New campers are greeted right away with a tour as they arrive. Parents can stay a half hour as children get settled. Very soon the first morning, the community divides into small groups called "Roots Groups" where children get to know eight others in a welcoming setting before the day gets going.

Staff of all ages are trained to look out for new campers and help each person make friends. By the end of the first day, children tell us they are surprised to see how familar the faces have become. They have made new friends and they feel nested.

We create a relaxed atmosphere where children are attended to, and can express what they need. The staff works hard to get to know each person and think about them. Every day the "Roots Group" continues to meet during snack, and this provides a home base. These welcoming practices have been effective for over two decades to insure that you don't need to come to camp with a friend you already know.

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In light of the pandemic, it is with great regret that we have reached the conclusion that we cannot run our summer programs. Earlier in the season, we hoped we could manage the challenges of the pandemic, but the Deerfield Board of Health has determined that the variables do not allow for camps to run this summer.

This would have been our 27th summer and we will miss seeing you. This conclusion has weighed heavily on our hearts and we share this with care for how you and your family are doing. We have a strong staff team and are prepared to go forward for summer 2021, filled with hope for the future.

All the best of health and spirit to you.

How To Reach Us For More Information

Contact Melissa Delorenzo, Administrator
Administrator phone: (774) 280-2490

Program Director, Sarah Pirtle
Phone: (413) 625-2355

Our camps comply with regulations of the
Massachusetts Department of Public Health and
are licensed by the local board of health.

Sliding Scale Honor System

Journey Camp fees offer a sliding scale. The bottom of the scale is where our subsidized fees begin. In other words, every family paying at the bottom of the scale is receiving a self-chosen scholarship because the amount doesn’t cover our expenses in running the session.

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Close scholarship box

Scholarships are given out to eligible families on a first come, first served basis. We try to give needed aid because it’s important to us that interested families be able to send their children.

Once we determine that Journey Camp is a good match in the ways outlined in “Letter to Parents,” we will work with you to see if there is a way to make it financially possible. In most cases, it is.

Apply as soon as possible. Scholarship decisions begin in March when we have the budget determined for the upcoming season. 

First, please see if you will be able to pay the lowest end of the sliding scale. All Journey Camp fees are sliding scale and the bottom of the scale is where our subsidized fees begin. In other words, every family paying at the bottom of the scale is receiving a self-chosen scholarship. 

If the lowest end is still too much for your family, assess what amount of scholarship you would need: partial scholarships can run from $25 off (paying $250), $75 off (paying $200) or a few at  $175 off (paying $100). We try to give some full scholarships when possible. 

Sliding scale operates as a matter of trust. Is your child attending other camps? Here’s what would be hard for us -- if a family can pay full fee at other camps but seeks a scholarship from Journey Camp. If that is the case, please explain.

Send a brief letter describing your circumstances; no documentation will be required. Email:

We give preference to new campers and to children of color, but returning families who have received scholarships in the past are still welcome to apply. We also want to make it possible for children who are healing from trauma to attend, as long as the fit is right. 

As part of contributing to the camp, we ask that those people who receive scholarships help in publicizing camp through conversations with other parents, by putting up three posters and/or talking to your school to place an article (which we’ll write) into your school newsletter. 

We have given out partial and full scholarships every year since camp began twenty-five years ago as we understand the needs of families.


More Information

Do you want to speak to a parent to ask questions? Parents on the Advisory Council are available to talk to you.

Journey Camp is a peacebuilding camp impacting the lives of many young people for the last twenty years by giving an experience of a supportive and empowering community. We provide a vision of how to join generations of people who make contributions to the world.

What does Woolman Hill look like?

"If you haven't seen the Journey Camp location, let me describe it through my eyes as a parent of a camper who's come for five happy years. The idyllic natural setting of the camp is absolutely spectacular.

Campers love to sit under the enormous maple tree for stories after lunch. It's a breathtaking natural setting tucked into the hills which stretch out from the lawn of the Conference House across from Juanita Nelson's organic garden. The old trees and the paths into the woods make it feel like an unspoiled fairy glen. There are not enough superlatives to convey what a treat it is to be there."

– Marian Wolfsun, Amherst

We're celebrating our 27th summer!